Saturday, October 3, 2009

drawing assignments

im in a class called drawing for the time based media. basically its a beginners class on how to draw for animation so you can get the right perspective/proportions right over multiple frames. i am basically awful at doing things with my hands which why this class will be good for me. here are the first two assignments we had to do.

first assignment we had to draw a cube, then add cubes to it, then cut up those cubes, and then rearrange the pieces, and then present it in an interesting way.

second assignment we had to draw frame by frame cylinders doing things like jumping and twisting and stuff. i decided to put it all together into a little animation.

more to come. hah.
sigh. so much catching up to do now that im not sick anymore.

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  1. Ahahahaha Cylinder Fight is amazing.

    Also, way to over-achieve with all of your stupid crazy After Effects.


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