Monday, February 8, 2010

good morning campers!

hey again!

sooo i helped out daniel this weekend shooting some stuff.

first on tuesday we did some work on an ongoing music video shoot we've been doing for FM belfast, a sweet icelandic band.
we still have a few more shoots to do but, itll be pretty crazy in the end.

James rocking out at the bar....

Then later this saturday we shot another quickie short called Fast starring the charming Charlyne Yi. This piece is going to take a lot of post work, so you may not see it for another month or so, depending on how much time we have to work on it (daniel just got a job at the mill and im so excited for him :p).
charlyne preparing for a super special effects shot. hahah. or something.

peter's "but they won't be looking at the heel" tattoo

and on another awesome life update. I have a computer!! and am now in the process of installing a a shmillion things so i can start getting to work. i dont even have photoshop yet and its making life hard. :p


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