Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Is What We Imagined


Just thought I'd let people who were in the LA area to know about this sweet little collective of people called This Is What We Imagined (or TIWWI) that daniel scheinert and I are kind of (?) apart of. And Fast, the short we were working on is a part of it or something.

How it works is every few months there is something called a WEEKEND OF WONDERMENT, where everyone gets together and rents a bunch of equipment and just shoots some stuff. It is wonderful. i guess. :p

and then in about a month after the shoot there is a wonderful show and tell screening with an open bar and we all have a good time. i havent met that many people involved yet, but of the people i have met they are all pretty awesome.

so if you'd like to see these fun little projects you can come to the next show+tell:
March 13th - 9:00PM
Echo Park - 1161 Logan St.
$10 / +21 / OPEN BAR

itll be a good time.

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  1. dan! that looks awesome! pretty sentimental video too. also is that charlynne yi? way cool.


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