Saturday, February 20, 2010

a weekend test

since getting my new imac, ive been spending a lot of time installing, transferring, etc etc to get my computer ready for me to start work. i'm afraid the months off from software is going to slow me down. i spent the morning working in after effects and ended up with this. i havent done much audio driven work in after effects so i wanted to test out converting waveforms to keyframes, etc.
kind of goofy. but yeah.
i also wanted to try and give a flat character some dimension using meshwarps, etc. so i drew a character in illustrator and try to make it look like he had a big round belly. i think it kind of works. shmeeeeeeeeeh.


  1. Mr. Kwan,

    I like your silliness. Have you ever played Katamari Damancy? Cause you should.

    Do you have the 27inch imac? or the 21? Cause I want the 27 one real bad, but everyone is bitching about yellow screen issues.

    Your cold-weather friend,

  2. i have not played katamari but i have seen people play it.

    and i have the 27 inch and it is wonderful. there is a slight yellow tinge at the bottom but its not even really noticeable unless you have your whole screen white or something.

    but if you compare the 27in quadcore (what i got) to the baseline mac pro tower, the specs are comparable (if not better), the imac is cheaper, and the imac comes with a hugeeee monitor (where you would have to pay 800 bucks extra just for a 22in monitor. i understand that in a few years when i need to expand the insides of this computer (ram, hdd space, graphics card, etc) the mac pro would have been a better choice for that, but i expect by then, computers are going to be ridiculous and im going to want a complete workstation upgrade anyways... and hopefully ill have a real job and will be able to afford it. :p

    anyways thats how i ended up deciding to go with the imac. and i am so happy with it.

  3. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described


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