Friday, May 22, 2009

im hungry

... for knowledge!....?

im tired.

so these past few days of summer have felt extremely nonproductive. they go by so quickly. and by the end of the day there seems like so much left to do. 
i am also having a trouble with sleeping. i just sit down for two seconds and i wake up two hours later because some one ends up calling me. my schedule is wack!

here is a still image of an animated commercial im working on for a competition i am entering where you have to make a 30 second commercial about conserving energy or something. i have yet to do textures and more lights and i think im going to shallow up that depth of field. the winner apparently gets 10,000. but thats just absurd to think about.

seriously. if anyone knows of anyone who is looking for an employee, i am jobless and fearful of things staying that way for awhile...
in the meantime me and some buds are entering a bunch of competitions to see how those thigns go.



  1. I'm still jobless too. I have applied to a Jewish summer camp. I'm not Jewish.

  2. You're such a girl at heart.
    Your drawing says it all.


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