Friday, May 29, 2009

im on a train hahah

the commuter rail has wi-fi!
i bet you all already knew that, but i think its cool.

thats right, as i am posting this very post, i also happen to be riding backwards on a train! oh boy.

so as the lovely rainy central mass landscape passes me by quickly i will give you a quick update on whats been keeping me busy.

first of all me and some kids entered a contest that directv is having where you have you pitch a script and if they choose your script (1 of the 20) they will give you 5,000 dollars to make the film. when thats all done, the best film gets 15,000! here is the production packet i put together, i have never actually does this before.. but it was fun i guess. (its big so it might take a bit to load).

next, i have started doing photography again (i guess). so i took these pics of this lady with this instrument called the ghu zheng or something like that. they came out nice, but i am going to tweak them a bunch more.

and now since, i have decided i will not get a job this summer (i am not sure if it was really a decision as much as it has been a circumstance placed upon me, but lets say i have made a decision) i am going to do freelance stuff. photos, videos, animations, graphics! you name it! i will try my best to do it! and for cheap! tell your friends.
so i am making myself a website (as all freelancers should). i am trying to do something crazy in flash but i dont really know flash. it took me two days of research just to pull this off. it is far frm complete, but this is the general idea. its going to be a girl on a swing floating through clouds. the links will all be on clouds. i will try to throw a bunch o f easter eggs in their if i can.

and finally, i am going to be going to new orleans on tuesday to see my lovely amelia, and take a break from all of this! so we'll call it a hiatus for now. see yall in two weeks.


  1. That first picture is so boooomb.
    Also, I need to learn Flash too!
    I hate that program!
    Come eat sushi with me in LA!
    Exclamation Marks!

  2. haahah nice title for this entry. I like the photos a lot - I think the first is my favorite. Also, I think it's cool that you got to work with Brooks from SwoMo! Sounds like fun! Tell Amelia heeey for me!!!!!

  3. Dan, The photos look pretty amazing. especially the way her warm colors contrast the cooler tones in the 3rd picture. In any case, glad to hear that you are doing photos again. I actually wanted to reach you by email, but I don't know what your email is, because you mentioned you are up for some freelance work. I want to put together something and may hire you for a project. In any case, I hope your summer is doing well.



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