Saturday, May 16, 2009


evvy's hell week is over!
but there i still much to be done.
here is a brief THINGS THAT I REALLY LIKED THIS WEEK... since im tired. and i am really sick. and i have to get a haircut soon.

hammock - mono no aware music video
this video only stands out to be me because it was shot by an emerson kid, and directed by an alumni and it is really pretty looking. i don't know if there is much of a story, but its mad pretty. a little long and repetitive.. but hey, its a music video for a post rock song...
this was nominated for outstanding cinematic production in the EVVY awards.

this one time...
this is an animation that was featured on vimeo and its great. the colors are awesome. the character design is super. and the animation itself is simple yet seamless. kudos for not needing to use music to make an awesome animation.

evan sussman- escape
this film is just great. it was nominated for the best sound design evvy award, but the actual film wasn't made by an emerson kid, because if it were it would probably be nominated for a lot more than just that. it has a great integration of live action characters in a completely highly stylized animated world. plus it has a solid story. though it seems a bit repetitive at first, the pay off is excellent. enjoy.

im sorry i have not been posting anything lately of my own.. mostly i havent had time to do anything for myself lately. which is sad. but soon it will be summer and i will be without a job! yay!

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