Sunday, May 3, 2009


hey pals. i cannot believe that this year is almost over. gah! so much has happen... maybe i'll have a end of the year wrap up of things that i really liked, but i'll probably be too lazy. i got big plans for this summer.. and right now none of them include internships or jobs.. thats not good. anyways. without further ado...

i've decided for this week, after just coming back from the northern regional grand finale for campus movie fest, will have videos highlighting the best films of of the northern part of america that entered. and let me tell you. they are GOOD.

bridgewater state college - "scrabble: the motion picture"
there is no better way to describe this movie besides epically brain numbing entertainment. there are russians, and parties, blood, sweat, and tears. oh and a bazooka?? and in case you couldnt deduce from the title, its alll about scrabble. genius. did i mention they don't have a film program at their school? they deserved the "Best picture" award that they recieved.

Ohio State University- "Safety Rape"
the audience reaction when this film title came on was split. the half of the audience that had already seen the film was cupping their hands around their mouths and screaming, while the other half of the audience couldn't understand why anyone would be cheering for a film called "safety rape" silently braced themselves for the worst awkward moments ever.
luckily, for the latter group, this film is genius. hahah. just watch and enjoy... they also had a mad budget... can anyone say opening jib shot? this film won best comedy for the night.

Columbia University - The Tale of Timothy Robbins
the fact that this claymation movie was able to take home best drama is a testament to its awesomeness.. though i wouldn't classify this film as a dramatic piece, its got really well done claymation (done in a week???), with a cute little story. oh and DOMO makes a little cameo.
after watching this film i knew there was no way i was going to win hahah.

there were a handful of other really good films that i won't describe for the sake of saving space on this overly visually stimulating blog. so here are links to these awesome films

northeastern - breaking holden -great cast, great story (i think the actor won best actor for the night
new york university - last night in london - hilarious spoof off of jason statham's crank series.
Columbia university - surprise party - a great example of a simple film using a simple premise to great effect. this one had my mom laughing the hardest.

oh btw, in case you were wondering how my film did. it was the first out of the 14 films (out of 65 i think for the region) to be screened that night, which means my film will be moving onto the international grande finale in LA, which i probably won't be able to make unless they fly me their for free, and i probably won't go to anyways because there is not a chance i am getting much further than this, but this is further than i was expecting to get so tahts pretty awesome. also as an added perk, virgin america airlines chose my film to be one of the four from the night to be shown before their inflight films. so random people flying to idaho can watch my animation hahhaa. random, but cool.
also we got see rip torn, steve guttenberg, and judah friendlander, plus more! yay famous people... oh that reminds me, i have to show you one of judah friedlander's films he made when he was still in film school. hilarious. but that'll be for another post. moving on.

Charles Huettner- Mouth Ghost
this guy is an amateur animator after my own heart. he has a degree in fine arts, but has chosen to use his powers for good... this is one of my favorites by his.

Mouth Ghost from Charles Huettner on Vimeo.

google - chrome shorts

of course google would find a new and interesting way to showcase their new web browser they are launching called "google chrome" (meant to compete with safari, firefox, and the likes)

they commissioned a bunch of filmmakers and animators to make shorts that are meant to be informative (i was too distracted to really learn anything), but mostly are just pretty. here is a highlight reel.

i have no idea if the browser itself is good (of course it will be.. its made by google), but the shorts are awesome. to view the full shorts go to their website.

the bird and the bee - my love

hahhaa this is sooo poppy, but sooo catchy and mad cute. mad cute. i honestly haven't been finding much new music lately because ive been busy with stuff, but i heard this on WERS in the emerson cafe and had to look it up. its probably going to fade away into another bleh song, but for now its great.

hope that holds you over til next week. love!


  1. Hey I stumbled across your blog today. I directed, co-wrote and co-produced "Safety Rape" and just wanted to say thanks for the good comments. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the subtle wordplay haha.

  2. I told you. Good luck winning everything and stuff.
    -daniel sushi


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