Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FM Belfast - "Underwear" Music Video!

well its finally out! the music video daniel scheinert and i finished about a month ago has been released and stereogum was nice enough to premiere it on their website so daniel and I are pretty psyched.

we made this on almost no budget, shot over five separate nights when we found the time, and edited it over a period of a month when we werent at our jobs. we didnt really know what we wanted to do with it entirely except for that we wanted people to never get bored. I think writers at stereogum sum up how i would describe the final product:

"This video has lots of fun dancing but also strikes an eerie note, since it focuses on the ideas that a) lots of people dance alone b) in their underwear and c) not many people look beautiful dancing, especially once they’re slowed down, sped up, or frozen. The result, however, is quite beautiful: Intimate, lonely, and still fun."

so go over and watch it already! and tell me what you think. and dont forget to spread it if you feel inspired to.

also if youre a band out there that is looking for a pair of intelligent chaps to make you a video, let us know and maybe we can have some fun!


  1. hey, I saw this video at the Videom├Ącher thing and I loved it, great job!

  2. ohh man, i was on the wrong side of the country so i couldnt make it to the screening!

    but thanks for the comment!!!

  3. Dan, this is nuts. And I got to see you in your underwear! Sweetness!

  4. crazy video man. the idea is very interesting.
    I think it can be better. Don't hate me please. But some parts of the video (like the one with clothes changing) was really right awesome.


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