Sunday, May 2, 2010

i hate sitting on unreleased things

but i guess thats what im going to have to do... I currently have two things that I worked on this semester that I am just waiting to get out, but for some reason or another i haven't.

the first is the music video for FM Belfast that daniel scheinert and I have been slowly chiseling away at all semester. its been done for about a month now (at least thats how long it has felt like), but we are still waiting to figure things out with the band's publicist. sigh. we've been getting a lot of great feedback and a few people have requested to screen it at a couple smaller film festival/eventy things. I will keep you updated as to when that will happen.

and then there is this little short that i worked on (again with daniel scheinert) that we did in the last month of the semester, that started out as a ambitious class exercise, and ended up being something i like enough to sit on for a bit. its the first time ive written and directed for live action in a long time (cause it has all sucked in the past :p) and even though its less thought out and took less effort than most of the live action things ive done in the past, im happy with it and am thinking of submitting it to some small festivals? crazy? i dunno. it still needs some work. and i hope once i get to my computer again i can get it fixed up. i am pretty sure it will be screening at tiwwi's next show and tell screening early june, so i'll keep you posted.

as for daniel and i we will be busy as ever working on things. here is a quick poster i did for timmy and the tiny tigers, daniel scheinert's awesome tv show he's been trying to figure out for awhile now. this is only a mock-up so we can put together a pitch packet, so everything about this show is subject to and probably will change, especially the tiger puppet designs. but whatev. its going to be awesome.

i can't do much right now besides think of new things as my camera and computer are out in LA while i wait here in massachusetts to graduate (sad how crippled i am without technology). but hopefully youll be hearing from me soon!

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