Thursday, April 30, 2009


hahaa, i was hoping to use this in my next issue of THINGS I REALLY LIKED THIS WEEK, but i couldn't wait to share it. these are amazing! okay... they really aren't that amazing, but they entertained me for a good ten minutes.

its a collection of shorts separated into ten episodes and you should just watch them. click on the image below to get to the website. see them all.

ive embedded one of my favorites here:

sorry i havent been posting in here as regularly as i used to (by regularly as i used to i mean every few hours), finals have got me busy and stuff. im hoping to be able to settle down and really work on some projects to show you once evvys are done... or maybe WHILE evvys are happening because im good at distracting myself like that.

while im here and not studying.. here are some frame grabs from the animation ive been working on for my 3d animation class... bleh. its only going to be one minute long when im done.. it was scripted to be 5. so basically its not going to have a story that makes sense and is just going to have a big TO BE CONTINUED at the end... just so i can turn it in for a grade sigh. there is never enough time. im hoping to finish it over the summer.

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