Saturday, September 26, 2009

i'm not dead!

but i have been deathly ill.

im recovering from swine/strep/mono/?? and have missed classes all week :(. but that does not explain why I havent posted since july. my only explanation is that I am lazy, but you should already know that.

I also got a job at new york film academy as a teaching assistant (best job ever...) and that kept me busy for the rest of the summer.

I guess I am making this post in regards to me and sarah ginsburg being picked by genart and fox searchlight to make a dumb how-to video on how to make a mr. fantastic fox costume (i'm pretty psyched!) It's going to be an instructional video wrapped in a narrative created in the most wes anderson style we can produce in no money or less (meaning maybe someone will give us money in the process :p) speaking of which. me and sarah are getting 1000 bucks! yayyyyy. and then if we get first place out of the five videos being made we will get another 500 yay! not much dough when you consider the amount of work we are doing, butttttt the fame! recognition! the babes! im going to have so many babes. haha
plus we will get a special edition copy of the fantastic mr. fox book, and if you know anything about me, you know i am in love with roald dahl so thats exciting. I also think we get to go to the premiere yay! the movie will most likely be a little disappointing (and look a little like moving dead animals with famous alive people for voices), but whatever.

here are some location scouting photos that myself, sarah, and amelia took while out and about yesterday. we are looking for brighghhghthhththhgthgt colors. obvi.

oh yeah, and for those of you who havent been aware. i got in the top ten for so i need you to help me vote up my dumb animation. i will win money if you do. go there and vote for the first animation with all the dumb monsters. thats mine. thanks yall!