Friday, March 26, 2010

i caved.

i got a twitter.

it was because i really wanted to tell the world how much i want to see the new scott pilgrim movie, but realized it wasn't blog worthy. sigh. you can follow me if you want. who knows if ill use it...?

(btw, the trailer for the scott pilgrim film was just released today. i got so excited i decided to buy all of the graphic novels so i could read them again. don't judge me. i know it looks ridiculously stupid in a dumb-action-comedy-that-has-quirky-and-self-deprecating-characters-with-hip-michael-cera-and-even-hipper-music, but really its going to be just ridiculously stupid. in a good way.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 quick things before i go to bed.

1. remember fast? its online! WHAT?

2. remember cs4? forget it, here comes cs5! WHAT??

3. remember jon klassen (i've mentioned him here a couple times, he makes some of the most endearing illustrations ever)? well i met him cause apparently he works at dreamworks and ive been grabbing lunch with him every week! WHAT???

hopefully next time i'll something more productive to speak of.

(p.s. i know you might think that dreamworks has brainwashed me, but i just had to let you know that how to train your dragon is coming out this weekend, and believe me it made me feel like a kid again. 100% on rotten tomatoes so far, so go watch it in 3d, cause for once, the 3d is beneficial, if not essential.)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

tired and stuff.

i guess this is just concept art (mostly playing with color) for the short i am going to be starting (hopefully) soon.

i had a strange and unproductive week. i need to get cracking on things soon or else.
i'll go crazy or something.