Saturday, October 24, 2009

i have never had any regrets until i met you.

i had this idea for a webcomic involving a rabbit who is in love with a girl. this is sort of an intro. its tentatively titled "i have never had any regrets until i met you" hahha. hopefully i'll have time to make more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox Costume Video Up!

Hey! the videos are up on fox searchlight's website. come check it out!

dont feel obligated to watch the whole video (unless you actually want to make a fox costume of course), but click the link because youre my friend and you want to see our names on fancy websites.
thanks so much to anyone involved.

Monday, October 19, 2009

drawing assignment #4: rotating head

aka "everything/nothing" or "the beautiful encounter with everything you will never be" or "how i met your mother": a story of loss. presented to you today in 720 hd. my proudest achievement yet.

or not. the assignment was to draw a head and then rotate it. and then make it do something else.
incredibly messy. but i was incredibly busy. but thats an incredibly bad excuse. but its the only one i have. incredible. i hope it speaks to your heart, dear reader.

oh and if you can think of any better names for this movie maybe ill add it to my list. (or steal it for future endeavors).

Saturday, October 17, 2009


it has been a very long time since I've posted a THINGS THAT I REALLY LIKE THIS WEEK so I decided now that I have some time I'll share some not-so-secret gems I have stumbled upon while rubbing a gentle finger over the surface of the interwebs. I'll make it quick.


Mum - "Sing Along" music video by Team G
This beautifully shot, surrealistic story of love and loss shows how things don't always have to make sense to make you feel something, as long as you create a world where it's okay for those things not to make sense. Even if it involves a dead (not dead?) singing deer. the relationship between the father and daughter is so playful and totally fits the song. enjoy!


Ape School - "Wail to God" By Anthony Schepperd
I usually don't like flash animations. Mostly because of the fact that I can tell when its a flash animation. While that is certainly the case for this music video, the frame by frame animation is so wonderful and fluid it doesnt really matter. What really kills about this video is that it never holds back (WARNING THIS IS NOT KIDDIE SAFE :]) It will take you from one bizarre image to the next causing you to gawk and cringe and laugh all the way to its epic end (and it is epic). If you don't enjoy strange/sexual imagery you probably shouldn't watch, but I challenge you to do so because it is very unlikely you will see something like this ever again.

Mr. Collieu - Headless Productions
I don't know how it is possible that this company has slipped by me for so long, but I just discovered them a couple of days ago while I was perusing some old animation blog entries. Though I haven't seen anything from them yet, their trailers are enough for me to love their style enough to excite me enough to put them in this post... enough. This trailer for their feature length animation (still in production) looks awesome. I love the unique concept and the illustrations and it reminds me of why I used to love watching old Disney animations when I was younger. This is true for most of their work and you should check out all of their other trailers.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

wrapping up the fox blah blah!

so sarah and I are just finishing up the fantastic mr. fox how-to video and and are sending the final cut to gen arts and fox searchlight. The video will go up on the two websites (and everywhere else) on the 19th of october so check it outtttt if you want to learn how to make a sick fox costume for halloween :]

here are some quick production stills or whatever.

and below is one of the bigger wastes of time and dumber videos you will encounter ever.

there you go. some behind the scenes footage.
now you can see how distractable we were when it got too late. :p

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


hey guys! I won first place at the etsy competition! hahah i got a $3250 check coming towards me yay.
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to everyone who helped me out and voted. it means a lot to meee. hahah mostly because im getting paidddd.

here's a link to the website's post about the whole dealio.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

columbus day

so instead of doing actual homework on my day off (though technically I have every monday off) I decided to make a short animation for a competition for HIV awareness. I thought it was an interesting contest and I had sort of an idea, but there was only one day left before the deadline.

i literally recorded the music, drew the pictures, animated, and did sound effects all in one day. its incredibly messy, but it still has a little charm. I'm a little disappointed that I didnt have time to do it right, but it was still fun.

im sitting in my hallway right now because its the only place i can get internet. sigh.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

drawing assignments

im in a class called drawing for the time based media. basically its a beginners class on how to draw for animation so you can get the right perspective/proportions right over multiple frames. i am basically awful at doing things with my hands which why this class will be good for me. here are the first two assignments we had to do.

first assignment we had to draw a cube, then add cubes to it, then cut up those cubes, and then rearrange the pieces, and then present it in an interesting way.

second assignment we had to draw frame by frame cylinders doing things like jumping and twisting and stuff. i decided to put it all together into a little animation.

more to come. hah.
sigh. so much catching up to do now that im not sick anymore.