Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Is What We Imagined


Just thought I'd let people who were in the LA area to know about this sweet little collective of people called This Is What We Imagined (or TIWWI) that daniel scheinert and I are kind of (?) apart of. And Fast, the short we were working on is a part of it or something.

How it works is every few months there is something called a WEEKEND OF WONDERMENT, where everyone gets together and rents a bunch of equipment and just shoots some stuff. It is wonderful. i guess. :p

and then in about a month after the shoot there is a wonderful show and tell screening with an open bar and we all have a good time. i havent met that many people involved yet, but of the people i have met they are all pretty awesome.

so if you'd like to see these fun little projects you can come to the next show+tell:
March 13th - 9:00PM
Echo Park - 1161 Logan St.
$10 / +21 / OPEN BAR

itll be a good time.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

a weekend test

since getting my new imac, ive been spending a lot of time installing, transferring, etc etc to get my computer ready for me to start work. i'm afraid the months off from software is going to slow me down. i spent the morning working in after effects and ended up with this. i havent done much audio driven work in after effects so i wanted to test out converting waveforms to keyframes, etc.
kind of goofy. but yeah.
i also wanted to try and give a flat character some dimension using meshwarps, etc. so i drew a character in illustrator and try to make it look like he had a big round belly. i think it kind of works. shmeeeeeeeeeh.

Friday, February 12, 2010

things that i really liked this week! vol 7!

i know ive been really slacking on this blogging business. here is another installment of things i really liked... there is no way i can fit all of the awesomeness that i have found since last time, but here are some good stuff ive found while perusing the interwebs.

arev manoukian - nuit blanche
this is one of the first videos ive seen in awhile that has instilled an immediate response in me. its kind of cheap because theyre using all sorts of tricks like super slow-mo, really dramatic music, the cliched love at first sight. but, the execution is absolutely flawless (make sure to check out the making of video on vimeo... amazing). this is what noir's would be like if they were produced with today's technology. i know ive embedded it here for convenience, but make sure you watch it full screen. :)

google - parisian love
this advertisement has nothing to do with technique and everything to do with great and innovative story telling. you may have caught it during the superbowl and i think its was one of the more memorable of the night. and just think about how cheap it was to make.

jon klassen+david o'reilly - black lake
this is less of a short film and more of a visual/sound scape. i have been inexplicably captivated by jon klassen's illustration work ever since seeing this image. and now combined with david o'reilly (arguably one of the most relevant independent animators today) and you have something great. i know they have already done something together for a u2 music video, but i really just like how simple this piece is. if itunes had this as a visualizer i would never get any work done.

scott bensen- man and cat at the end of the world
the title says it all. its a charming and understated conversation that is wonderfully rendered in after effects. though i have to say that the sky looks a little too much like the default wallpaper on apple computers.

sigh, there are too many too list for all the fun things ive seen since last time, so i won't. i hope you won't mind haha. i will be posting soon hopefully. and maybe now that i have a computer i will begin to productive. yay!

Monday, February 8, 2010

good morning campers!

hey again!

sooo i helped out daniel this weekend shooting some stuff.

first on tuesday we did some work on an ongoing music video shoot we've been doing for FM belfast, a sweet icelandic band.
we still have a few more shoots to do but, itll be pretty crazy in the end.

James rocking out at the bar....

Then later this saturday we shot another quickie short called Fast starring the charming Charlyne Yi. This piece is going to take a lot of post work, so you may not see it for another month or so, depending on how much time we have to work on it (daniel just got a job at the mill and im so excited for him :p).
charlyne preparing for a super special effects shot. hahah. or something.

peter's "but they won't be looking at the heel" tattoo

and on another awesome life update. I have a computer!! and am now in the process of installing a a shmillion things so i can start getting to work. i dont even have photoshop yet and its making life hard. :p