Wednesday, December 23, 2009

quick animation. thoughts. aspirations.

here is a little animation i have been working on for a class. i guess its more of an exercise in learning hand drawn animation, which i realize i suck at and do not have much patience for... i hope i have enough discipline to keep practicing... sigh.

its supposed to be based on the little red riding hood tale. or something my teacher said. im not really good at basing my work off of anything. i kind of just wanted to do a fun sequence. i hope you like. oh and super thanks to amelia who did the last minute "ufs" and "ughs" recordings in a bathroom on my laptop a few hours before this was due. haahah...
i worked on it the past two or three weeks, but honestly was only able to put in three of four days of good work because i've been busy with planning my move. ugh, so stressful.

next semester i think i am going to just work on one big animation project. i still want to do a ton of collaborative things with the people i love. but for myself i want to see if i can actually work on something that i can actually work on diligently for more than a month. call it a practice in controlling my creative attention span. i dont want anything too crazy and overly effected. i mostly want to concentrate on a single good story for once. also, it may or may not take place in a retail clothing store.

wellll time to go apply for loans and stuff. weeeeeeeee

Thursday, December 10, 2009

life updates and a new video from daniel and dan.

Hey dudes!

i havent posted in awhile. mostly because I have been too busy doing absolutely nothing!
i don't know what it is, but i think its cause i see the end in sight.

I've been drawing alot, and watching a lot of the office (after a 3 year haitus), and mostly... i just feel kind of sick all the time so im constantly tired.

in other news, i figured out where i will be interning for the spring semester. you are now talking to the future creative development intern at dreamworks animation. doo doo doo. im pretty psyched. they have free food too!

also, here is a video daniel scheinert and i shot with some of the kids we were "teaching" from new york film academy for fun while we were in boston. we sort of... made it up as we went. what else is new.

in a few more weeks i will be heading over to the west coast.