Wednesday, June 30, 2010

underwear vs thriller??

sorry yall ive been really bad at keeping you posted on what has been going on.
i dont have time to do one of these updatey deals, but i thought i might post this...

i always think its interesting to see how our post-modern, internet savvy generation reappropriates and mixes and mashes things into forgettable meaninglessness, but i never thought id ever fall victim to any of this creative pillaging. until now.

i give you our underwear music video set to michael jackson's thriller:

thats right.. someone out there in the interwebs took the time to download our video and replace the track with thriller... and change nothing else... i dont know what this means.. but i guess at least people are watching our stuff and thats cool... right?


anyways, production stills from our latest shoot soon to come!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

boy oh boy

its been awhile since I've posted in this thing. and thats mostly been because things have been getting busy.

its been exactly a month since coming back to los angeles and a bajillion things have happened. like... starting my job at dreamworks... and then quitting it a couple weeks later. and things like that... what??!

i guess things are really moving forward for daniel scheinert and I and this entire month has felt like ive been working two full-time jobs and i realized id have to pick between jobs. so i decided to be smart and quit my reliable, well-paying, well respected job and go be artsy or something.

whatever dudes! following my dreams!

flying out to new york city to shoot a music video for the hundred in the hands tomorrow! really psyched i'll let you know how it all goes! everyone stay healthy until then! im so stinkin sick, blegh.