Monday, April 19, 2010

its alll coming tooo an ennnnddd

Hello blog. it has been awhile.

so basically, it doesn't really feel like school is going to be done for good. i haven't been able to post much lately cause i'm trying to get everything done before i have to find a job, find a place to stay, put all my stuff in my car and park it somewhere, fly back to boston, graduate, fly back, keep looking for a job, become famous or rich, or both.

just kidding on the famous/rich party. im already famous.

daniel scheinert and i have been working ferociously on things. the fm belfast music video is finally done after taking a bajillion years to make. daniel has decided that from now on he is going to go into music videos with a clearer idea. haha. but this video was a lot of fun and i'll post it here as soon as we hear from the band's publicist (they are from iceland, so they are all probably battling volcanoes and stuff). here is a photo we took during one of the many little shoots we did for this video.

i am wearing all of the clothes i own plus more. and now i only have four outfits because one of my batches of laundry got stolen after this shoot. haha.

also this weekend i shot a quick fun project for my last class ever. it was a short 4 hour shoot with a crew of like three people (the best crew in the world, in case you were wondering). It involves a 7 year old boy dealing with issues far too complicated for him to understand. and urinating on things. its going to be fun. i'll post it in a few. here are some production stills hahha..