Sunday, July 11, 2010

busy busy summer dayssss

just an update!

boy oh boy what a busy summer!

dscheinert and myself have been busy chugging along through post production on the hundred in the hands music video. it'll be done by the end of the month, but i doubt we'll be able to release til the end of the summer when their new album DROPS! shabam!

anyways, here are some snazzy photos we took on set to whet your appetite.

we're also getting busy building a presence on the internets or whatever. now that our careers are taking off (or something like that) and we have to act like real human beings, we've decided that a website would be nice right? and business cards. yes business cards! so we dont have to keep writing our email addresses on napkins or people's palms. so expect those sometime this summer!

aside from that schein-dawg and i have been video treatment writing beasties. we're pretty excited about our new pitches and hope somebody else out there is too! we'll let you know if we get any bites! :)


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