Wednesday, June 30, 2010

underwear vs thriller??

sorry yall ive been really bad at keeping you posted on what has been going on.
i dont have time to do one of these updatey deals, but i thought i might post this...

i always think its interesting to see how our post-modern, internet savvy generation reappropriates and mixes and mashes things into forgettable meaninglessness, but i never thought id ever fall victim to any of this creative pillaging. until now.

i give you our underwear music video set to michael jackson's thriller:

thats right.. someone out there in the interwebs took the time to download our video and replace the track with thriller... and change nothing else... i dont know what this means.. but i guess at least people are watching our stuff and thats cool... right?


anyways, production stills from our latest shoot soon to come!

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