Saturday, June 19, 2010

boy oh boy

its been awhile since I've posted in this thing. and thats mostly been because things have been getting busy.

its been exactly a month since coming back to los angeles and a bajillion things have happened. like... starting my job at dreamworks... and then quitting it a couple weeks later. and things like that... what??!

i guess things are really moving forward for daniel scheinert and I and this entire month has felt like ive been working two full-time jobs and i realized id have to pick between jobs. so i decided to be smart and quit my reliable, well-paying, well respected job and go be artsy or something.

whatever dudes! following my dreams!

flying out to new york city to shoot a music video for the hundred in the hands tomorrow! really psyched i'll let you know how it all goes! everyone stay healthy until then! im so stinkin sick, blegh.

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