Saturday, April 18, 2009


hahha the wall street journal put out an article recently about this group that is trying to get the infamous font comic sans banned from all high school bulletin board flyers, free domain websites (the ones with the ugly UGLY backgrounds), and all things typographical.

the website is here.

theyve created these awesome stickers that are made to be put onto any kind of design that uses the font and its awesome hahaha.

here are some highlights from the article:

sorry if you are reading this and you actually like the font or have used it in anything beyond a class writing assignment (even thats pretty bad, i hope you got a bad grade), but im glad that i have been able to inform you of this truth.

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  1. ohh. those sites are hideous. ie the one google made for april fool's day. I HATE COMIC SANS TOO


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