Thursday, April 23, 2009

because i am never home

i decided to take a panoramic 360 degree photo thingy of my bedroom because i never actually get to see it because i am never there. this way i can visit it whenever im feeling nostalgic or something. its like google maps street view but for my ROOM!
click to enter like magic. blue skidooo we can tooooooo!
here is a game, why dont you try to find something in my room that directly links to you.
its kind of crazy how many influences have gone into the messy decor of my room, and i am sure many of you are evident in it somewhere.

while i have your attention...
i decided to put up my first maya project online. its simple. the animation is messy (i only had a two days to do the actual animating since i took so long rigging the character... which i did in a week and a half, ugh). i hope it makes you so depressed you just give up on everything. enjoy.

and while we're on the subject of this project... this animation was the reason i missed the opening act to bon iver last time they were in boston. it was due the next day and i had to have it ready to render by the time i left for the show. because of that i missed seeing tallest man on earth, which is too bad because hes great. here is the new take away show (dont you love how make connections!) from blogotheque that they did of the tallest man on earth. its in some little music store and its really pretty. his voice is  aweeeesome. i bet you wouldnt guess that he is from sweden. hahha.

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  1. I really hope there's a bird inside that birdhouse.


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