Thursday, April 16, 2009

photos.. again?

for those of you not in the know: i have decided to take my camera out again.

i started taking pictures because of my poor memory. i would find myself in a nostalgic mood, hungry for some hardcore reminiscing, but i wouldnt have anything to draw from. so instead of writing in a journal.. because i suck at that, i began to take my camera around. i used to average somewhere between 20-50 photos a day and my photo albums sort of became my diary. though they started out a big terribly bleh, as i got comfortable with my camera and my eye became a bit more trained, i started to see how pretty my friends were (you were all ugly before i got into photography. the true artist sees beauty in everything! hoorah!).

then came college. then came no time and no life. plus the fact that everyone else has like five cameras here each so it just became a lame thing to take pictures of everything. and so i stopped.

until NOW!
once again, you will see me take pictures of EVERY LITTLE MUNDANE MOMENT of my life... at least thats what i hope. most likely i will do this for a two days, and then find something of greater interest to me. oh well. here are some pictures of laura and phillip as we eat at NYP. i like how phil is surrounded in warm reds and oranges while laura is bathed in ICY greens and blues. i wonder what that says about their personalities.

anyways. i am going to go to class and then campus movie fest! wish me luck. hopefully i win an ipod! 

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