Monday, April 27, 2009

photos from last semester's class

to be completely honest, i hated my photo 1 class last semester. haha. it was miserable because i never had enough time and i never made anything i was really proud of and i hated the critiques because i knew they were all rubbish (hehe rubbish). i mean.. you guys all know how busy i was, and making a good print takes a good amount of time.

for my final project i did a series of light paintings. most of them came out messy, and really not all that interesting, but here they are. the one of bill and the swirly around his arm is probably one of the only prints i like from the semester and is actually going to be displayed in the developed images showcase gallery this wednesday april 29 from 7-9pm in the beard room of the little building, if anyone is interested in seeing it in real life (oooh!).

here are some of the pictures from the final project. pretty lame and over done in the photography world, but they have a nice effect.

as always, click to make it big!

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  1. I like the fourth one and the BLEEAARGH one.
    I am not a photographer, and this is brilliant to me.
    You should make one of those stop motion animations with these.


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