Wednesday, April 15, 2009

so i decided to make a new blog

reasons for such a decision:

1. i want to do more with my life than other people's projects. im ready to do my own thing :)
2. i need to become more okay with showing people my unfinished and imperfect projects
3. i miss taking pictures.
4. i hate talking to people in person, so this serves to be a much better form of communication for me. i hope through subtle hints to let the people i love know that i miss them. but very subtly.
5. i am horrible at keeping real journals. mostly because i know no one will read them. 
6. i want to become famous.
7. i have a lot to say and no one to say it too.
8. mostly i just want to become famous.

 it is not just about my life. there is no theme. it is a blog just for me.
its a pretty selfish blog. it will give me a chance to post whatever i might create whether it be pictures, animations, videos, illustrations, written fiction, blah blah blah blah. i wanted to create a more cohesive idea when conceiving this blog, but then i decided i did not like the idea of limiting myself. i will show you everything and anything that i find that i think is cool or funny or inspiring. i will talk about current events, i will talk about my day!
mostly, i was hoping that this would be something of interest to you.


  1. I didn't realize you hate talking to people in person, mainly because you talk so much. :P
    Right through my Law and Order SVU episode, sir.

    Also, nice finish! That's the title of your blog!!

  2. you jerk! haha i do not talk so much!
    and even if i do talk to you a lot i don't enjoy it.
    im just getting you off youtube and doing it for your own good.


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