Monday, April 20, 2009

posters i did this weekend.

here are some first drafts of posters i made for the evvy awards show that are coming up soon.

 the first one is for the dinner show and i based off of dang's playbill design. not exactly the greatest poster, but it works.

the second one is for the main theater show. the EPs wanted an "apple look" and to incorporate lines with squares and bright colors. i made this one from scratch. i decided to make the ribbons form the evvy logo and break up where the squares are to form the words. its a little hard to read.. but i still kind of like it. click to see a bigger version.

i still need to study up on typography. alot.

on a completely different note. here is a sequence of images we took from my computer's webcam when we were feeling bored. hahhaha.


  1. What the buuutt?
    Did you do that on Maya?

    And by "that," I of course mean your bananer stop motion.

    The posters look ggggreat.

  2. all in photoshop!

    and im talking about the bananer top motion.


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