Monday, April 20, 2009


we will write a weekend wrap up (10 points for alliteration!). things that i have come across this week that i really enjoyed hhahah. here goesssss:

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
this is a music video that came out awhile ago but my friend chin just pointed me towards it. its a two part video that is just pretty awesome. the first part is a pretty and strange (and i aspire with every bone in my body to someday have as much class as her two backup dancers)
the second part is just pure fun absurdity. i especially love the girl bleeding out strawberries.

Chairlift - Evident Utensil
dont worry! your computer is not dying! the internet is not melting into itself! this music video employs a clever technique where the visual aspects of a poorly exported video are harnessed to create some pretty sweeeet visuals. plus the music is awesome hahah. at first itll hurt your eyes, but eventually youll want to go swimming in a pool of digital goo because it looks like so much fun.

serenade by kevin moffett
i have recently been going
 through my back issues of mcsweeneys and came across this strange little story, which doesnt really work like a story, but more like a man who is telling you about how he likes to put meat in his shoes so he can attract single women going for runs with their dogs. 50 percent absurd, 50 percent poignant, he finds a way of making a grocery store filled with every girl he has ever danced with seem okay, and even poetic. though i could not find a copy of it online for you to read, i found that there is also a kevin moffett who plays football, as well as another kevin moffett who races cars in illinois.  reading the story compelled me to order kevin moffett's collection of short stories (the author's, not the football player's). its called permanent visitors and im pretty excited to read it.

now, now every children - cars
bill turned me onto this album and i have been sort of obsessed. its not even that unique, but its really good to work to. its a bit catchy, pretty (the girl's voice is exceelleleltne), and even intense at times. they are definitely melodic, but have a formulaic rock build up that they use in many of their tracks that i totally buy into. shes sort of got a mirah-esque cuteness to her voice, but some of the rhythms are more yeah yeah yeahs. hope you like.

la maison en petit cubes - kunio kato
this is one of the more beautiful things ive seen in a long time.. though i didnt come across it this week, i just really wanted to share it because it is a MASTERPIECE!!!! as far as hand drawn animation goes. i saw this a few weeks back at a screening at the kendall theater of all the oscar nominated shorts fo 2009 (all of which were wonderfully entertaining) this animation ended up winning the oscar, and i feel like it was duly deserved. i dont want to give anything away. i just want to warn you that it is 12 minutes long and a veryyy deliberate and slow film. so if youre not in the mood dont watch it cause youll ruin it and be bored and ill have to kill you for not appreciating this film as much as me. hahhaha. but really dont watch it unless you are in the mood and have the time.

until next week!!!!!


  1. If you like that Santogold video you should check out Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain.

    A lot of the imagery is lifted from that film.

  2. YAY LE MAISON!!!!!

    Best $6.50 I've spent in a long while.

    I'm also a fan of that Santigold song.
    I aspire with every bone in my body to bleed pastel-colored candies.


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