Friday, April 17, 2009

campus movie fest entry!!!!!!!

hey guys. guess what!

i won best picture at my school for camps moviefest! yay. im going to get a chance to go to ny in a couple of weeks and compete in the northeast regionals.. and then if i do well there i can go to LA! pretty sweet. plus i got the final cut studio 2, two ipod nanos (orange, hoobleeehh), and two tickets to the evvy awards (double hoobleeehehehe)

i made a dumb garage band soundtrack. i painted it in photoshop all on separate layers. then i animated it all, and then i edited all. i did it all in a week. and here it is the finished product. its not perfect, but its certainly a colorful assault to the eyes. put on some nice headphones and watch it full screen (its a 720 HD export! yes! yes! yes!)
i hope you all enjoy it.


    Good luck at the New York thing!!!
    Prepare yourself because I'm totally going to ride your coat tail into fame and fortune!

  2. good job dan! :)


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