Saturday, April 18, 2009

walkkking through chinaa!

china town actually.

i decided to go to china town in between classes with a small sony handicam that i got from my school's media services to test out after effects ability to slow footage down without using a high frame rate. so i shot some stuff at 30i dropped them into a 24 composition and then time stretched 400% with frame blending on.. and i think it holds up pretty well. i cut the little footage that i had and put them to music. 

i knooow the music outplays the subject matter, but whatever. you would do the same thing! YOU KNOW THAT ANYTHING SET TO PRETTY MUSIC MAKES that moment so much more beautiful and seem to have a deeper meaning that resonates with the individual depending how they react emotionally to the song! EVEN IF THEY DIDNT INTEND FOR IT TO HAVE ANY MEANING AT ALL! EVEN IF ITS JUST PEOPLE WALKING AROUND CHINA TOWN! SHUTUP! SHUTUP! I KNOW! you know if i showed a video of me cooking lasagna set to enya or dido YOU WOULD BE IN TEARS RIGHT NOW! and i wouldnt even be using onions in my lasagna.

for something shot at 30 fps i think it looks pretty good but i tried shooting things besides people walking and it doesnt blend as well. so if anyone has any idea for future projects where the entire film involves people walking around really really slowly then i can help you out and we should tots collab it up (meaning: totally collaborate, both artistically and intellectually, my friend and fellow artist). if you want people falling off buildings in slow motion, or heads exploding in slow motion then i cannot help you. but if walking is what you need, i can make people walk slowly.. with a beautiful furvor!

also here are some photos i took on my desperate hunt for people walking. surprisingly its difficult to find good shots of people walking normally in china town. they tend to leap and float around like in crouching tiger hidden dragon. 

this was strange garden i never noticed before made up of flowers that wera ctually cut up soda bottles and painted...
rust looks like blood!

until next time! which will probably be in like two hours because i have no life! i will see you laterrrrr.


  1. Holy ship, that DOES look great. Once again, nice ending.

    *Spoiler: The tear-jerker is where the man is carrying takeout bags in both hands.

    +5 for awesome video
    -3 for "tots collab it"
    -2 for not using onions in your lasagna.. you really can't get that rich flavor if you don't...

  2. i've seen that awesome garden too! i took a picture of it a night--it looks like the small world ride in disney land.


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